Beetel B25 Corded Landline Phone (W/Grey) In Rs.459 – Flipkart

Beetel B25 Landline Phone warm SDL226144791 1 e90b5 256x300 - Beetel B25 Corded Landline Phone  (W/Grey) In Rs.459 - Flipkart

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  • Type: Corded

This is a smart and compact landline phone that serves the basic functions of calling. Place it on your desk at the office, or mount it on your kitchen wall at home – this phone occupies very little space.

Ringer Volume Control
You can adjust the volume of the ringer according to your preference. Keep it high or low, as it suits you and others in the house.

Redial, Flash, and Pause
You can call back on the last dialed number with the press of the redial button, alternate between an ongoing and a waiting call by pressing the flash button, and also insert a pause while affixing international or intercity STD codes to a string of numbers with the help of the pause button.

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